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Schön illustrierte Besonderheiten



DGFDie Große Flut. Genesis 5 - 9
Illustriert von Nina Wehrle und Evelyne Laube

Mythische Berichte von Flutereignissen kommen in vielen Religionen und Kulturen vor. Die Erzählung der Sintflut im ersten Buch Mose der Bibel ist eine davon. Sie gilt als Urbild einer Naturkatastrophe. Eine illustrierte Erzählung über Untergang, Rettung und Neuanfang.

Verlag: SWJ / Umfang: 3 Leporellos (je 96 cm x 50 cm) / Sprache: Deutsch / Alter: ab 9 Jahren / Preis: 15,00€






Illustrierte Besonderheiten


CalendarioKalender 2013 Macanudo

Autor: Liniers

Umfang: 16.5 x 13 cm

Preis: 14,90 €





Kalender von Hipster-Hünden 2013

Von Verlag Monoblock aus Argentinien

Umfang: 16.5 x 13 cm

Preis: 14,90€






Animales en el aire de papel (zum Zusammenbauen)

Autor: Manuel Marín

Verlag: Petra Ediciones

Umfang: 56 Seiten

Preis: 25,00€







Andy Warhol

Autor: Patricia Gels

Verlag: Combel Editorial

Umfang: 18 Seiten

Alter: ab 7 Jahren

Sprache: Italienisch

Preis: 23,00€





La Mona Lisa

Autor: Patricia Gels

Verlag: Combel Editorial

Umfang: 18 Seiten

Alter: ab 7 Jahren

Sprache: Spanisch

Preis: 23,00€





Las Meninas

Autor: Patricia Gels

Verlag: Combelt Editorial

Umfang: 18 Seiten

Alter: ab 7 Jahren

Sprache: Spanisch

Preis 23,00€






Crazy Days
Von Taro Miura

All young readers will enjoy this beautiful picture book from the outstanding Japanese illustrator Taro Miura. With bright colours and clear design, accompanied by a simple text, each picture tells the story of a day when very strange things happen. A sleeping child's bed turns into a ski-slope; the sky is full of sheep; the big clock has turned into a swing...
As you turn the page, you never know what you might find next...


Verlag: Tate Publishing / Umfang: 24 Seiten / Sprache: Englisch / Alter: ab 3 Jahren / Preis: 13,50 €



Zoe Miller and David Goodman

Faces are all around us, everywhere we look. On every page of this inspiring and imaginative book the reader will encounter unusual and creative ways of making faces, using printing, collage, geometric shapes and sculpture. Surprising details are revealed by lifting flaps, looking through holes or turning the book upside-down.

As well as being entertaining and engaging, Faces offers an insight into major modern art movements, including pop art, op art, abstraction, junk art and kinetic sculpture. The book's designers reference key artists, including Alexander Calder, Joan Miró, Eduardo Paolozzi and Robert Rauschenberg, as well as graphic designers of the 1950s and '60s.

Verlag: Tate Publishing / Umfang: 64 Seiten / Alter: ab 5 Jahren / Preis: 19,50 €


Noisy_NeighboursNoisy Neighbours
Von Ruth Green

Sid the snail is searching for some peace and quiet so he can have a nap. Wherever he goes he bumps into his neighbours: chirping sparrows, singing foxes, buzzing bees, quacking ducks, playful squirrels, hooting owls and chattering badgers, each louder than the last! 

In the end he invites them all to a party, which is so noisy and so much fun, they all tire themselves out and fall to sleep. Ruth Green's charming story and enchanting illustrations will delight younger readers.
Ruth Green is an innovative artist and designer, whose captivating style has brought her wide acclaim. This is her first book.

Verlag: Tate Publishing / Umfang: 34 Seiten / Sprache: Englisch / Alter: ab 5 Jahren / Preis:  10,90 €



Theres_going_to_be_a_babyThere's Going to be a Baby
Von John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury

When is the baby coming? What will we call it? What will the baby do? We don't really need the baby, do we? As the arrival of a new sibling draws nearer, the questions that stream through a young child's mind are followed with sensitivity and humour in this enchanting book.

Exquisitely illustrated by Helen Oxenbury, these pages brim with love, excitement and reassurance as the child in the story imagines all kinds of colourful futures for the brother or sister he is waiting to meet. Full of warmth and promise, this is an instant and timeless classic.

Verlag: Walker Boooks / Umfang: 48 Seiten / Sprache: Englisch / Alter: ab 2 Jahren / Preis: 19,50 €



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